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Benefits of Copyright Registration

Top Reasons Why You Should Register Your Copyrights

Copyrights exist as soon as the work is created-they are automatic. So, why go through the trouble of hiring an intellectual property attorney to register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office? 

Ability to bring a lawsuit in federal court

If you are ever in a situation where you feel your copyright is being infringed, the copyright must be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to pursue a copyright infringement lawsuit.  In other words, without a copyright registration, you cannot enforce your copyright in court. 

Statutory (automatic) damages 

Also, you will have more options for monetary recovery if you have registered your copyright.  In particular, if you register your copyright within three months of the publication of your work, you can request statutory damages and attorney fees.  

Proof of ownership of a copyright

By having a copyright registration, it is much easier to prove that you own the copyright in a work since there is a public federal document indicating that you own it.

 So, your best option is to have your copyright registered with the U.S. Copyright Office as soon as possible.  A copyright attorney is a great resource to utilize to have your copyright registered.

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