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How To Trademark a Clothing Brand

If you own a company that produces clothing, creating a strong and reputable brand identify is crucial. This means that protecting your branding with trademark registrations is extremely important. The value of clothing is often determined by the value of the brand; think of Ralph Lauren and The North Face. So, protecting the branding of your business’s clothing line can be essential.

What Trademarks to Protect

Trademarks are found all over a clothing line’s marketing materials and branding. Trademarks include logos, slogans, and names. Think of Nike: the name of brand is Nike, the logo of the brand is the swoosh, and the slogan of the brand is “Just Do It.” All three of these are trademarks. If your clothing line has a name, slogan, logo, or any combination of those three trademarks, you should protect them with their own trademark applications.

How to Protect Your Trademarks

The best way to ensure that your clothing brand’s trademarks achieve protection through federal trademark registrations is by hiring a trademark attorney to complete the application process for you. At Buckert Patent & Trademark Law Firm, we start this process by conducting a trademark search to ensure that there are no existing trademark applications or registrations that could cause issues with your trademarks registrability or could pose issues with infringement later down the road. We will do this for each of the trademarks your clothing brand needs to protect.

From there, we will get to work preparing and filing the federal trademark applications for your clothing brand. We will list your company as the owner of these trademarks so that the company can enforce the trademarks after they register, and so that you are shielded from personal liability.

Why You Should Protect Your Clothing Brand’s Trademarks

Clothing is one of the most saturated classes of trademark applications- this means that the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) receives more applications for trademarks in the clothing industry than it does in nearly any other industry. There are thousands of businesses with thousands of different names and marketing strategies producing clothing. In order for your clothing line to stand out, you need to have unique trademarks. And when you have unique trademarks, you need to protect them. Brand identity is absolutely essential in the clothing industry, and it is worth protecting.

When you protect your clothing company’s branding, you are strengthening your brand identity, which is so crucial in such a large market. Ensuring that no other clothing brands can copy yours will allow you to stand apart and to grow your recognition with your target consumers.

Next Steps

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