Copyright Attorney Michigan

Buckert Patent & Trademark Law Firm works with businesses and entrepreneurs to help them register their copyrights in literary works, photographs, websites, computer software, music, and video.

We provide the following copyright services:

  • Preparing and filing your copyright application
  • Working with you to obtain an acceptable deposit copy
  • Responding to questions from the Copyright Office
  • Responding to routine Copyright Office refusals to registration
  • Tracking deadlines and extension periods
  • Keeping you informed regarding the status of you application

When you hire Buckert Patent & Trademark Law Firm, you will not be charged for every phone call and piece of paper processed by this office. You will be billed one flat fee for the attorney’s fees necessary for a standard copyright filing. In most situations, the only other fees you will be billed are the government filing fees charged by the Copyright Office.

Sometimes matters outside the above services do arise. For example, responding to a substantive refusal to register requiring a response. Prior to incurring any additional fees for these types of services, we will discuss your options with you and let you know the costs involved.

Our expertise and experience allow us to efficiently and skillfully obtain the copyright protection to which our clients are entitled. As a result, we also give clients the peace of mind that competitors cannot copy their creative work.

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