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Trademarks and Amazon Brand Registry

Navigating the Benefits of Amazon’s Brand Registry and Trademark Requirement

Amazon is full of original products and designs, but it often has copycat branded products offered for a cheaper price. This is why Amazon created their Brand Registry, a way for a seller to identify their federally registered trademark with Amazon to allow the seller to have copycat brands removed from Amazon’s online marketplace.

What is Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Amazon’s Brand Registry is a program designed to protect the brands of Amazon sellers. It’s a tool on Amazon’s website that allows registered users to search for possible infringers also selling on Amazon. In particular, it allows these registered sellers to search for similar brand images or brand names to see if any other sellers could be using copycat brands. And, if registered sellers do find any possible infringement issues, it provides a way to reach out to submit claims to Amazon directly.

Amazon’s Brand Registry Trademark Requirement

The Amazon Brand Registry can be an incredible tool for Amazon sellers. But, it isn’t offered to just any Amazon seller- it’s only offered to Amazon sellers that hold trademark registrations protecting their brands. So, if you want to be listed on Amazon’s Brand Registry, you must have a trademark protecting your brand, That’s where IP firms like Buckert Patent & Trademark Law Firm, PC can help you. There are many other reasons to protect your brand through a trademark registration- Amazon’s Brand Registry is just the tip of the iceberg. Reach out to us today to begin the process of protecting your brand!

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